Results 2017 & 2018




Lady Captains Prize - Winner:  Mary Toomey

Lady Presidents Prize - Winner: Jackie Kennedy

South of Ireland - Winners:  Lauren Kelly & T.J. Riordan

Henley Keane Club Match Play - Winner: 


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Monthly Medal Winners:


April: Mary Toomey

May:  Mary Lonergan

June:  Paula Carroll

July:  Mary Lonergan

August:  Claire Griffin

September:  Catherine Murphy


Winter League Winner:

Silver Spoon Winner:

Silver Medal Winner:

Bronze Medal Winner:

Birdie Tree Winner:

Golfer of the Year:

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Lady Captains Prize - Winner:  Majella Hallinan 

Lady Presidents Prize - Winner:  Sarah Toomey

South of Ireland - Winners:  Catherine English & Willie Hartnett

Henley Keane Club Match Play - Winner:  Catherine English



Monthly Medal Winners:

April:  Lauren Kelly

May:  Claire Ryan

June:  Catherine Murphy

July:  Majella Hallinan

August:  Caitlin Shippam

September:  Catherine English 

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Winter League Winner:  Claire Ryan

Silver Spoon Winner:  Lauren Kelly

Silver Medal Winner:  Caitlin Shippam

Bronze Medal Winner:  Claire Ryan

Birdie Tree Winner:  Charlotte Crowe 

Golfer of the Year:  Catherine English