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      • Ballykisteen Ladies Competition Rules


        1.     Method of Entry


        Before commencing play on the day, players must indicate their intention to enter the competition by signing the book and swiping into the computer.  Failure to do so means the player has neither a score for the competition nor for handicap.  In the event that there is an issue with the Computer, Games will update the competition based on the entries in the book.

        The Ladies Committee, Pro Shop Management and the Director of Golf ask that all ladies even in the event of a draw enter their names on the BRS, this is to assist in determining number for competitions and course availability for other golfers.





        Draws for Majors will take place two days prior to Major Events and the timesheet will be posted the evening before the event.  Games have the discretion to change this to suit different events but will notify members in advance.

        For other competitions, draw will be made ten minutes before the first tee time, it is the player’s responsibility to ensure they are on time for the draw and entered in the competition. Once a draw is made a late player may not enter the competition or the draw cannot be redone.

        Members present supervise the draw.


        Competition Book


        Competitors must enter their name in the relevant Competition Book.


        2.     Entry Fees


      • Must be paid in full
      • The competition purse must hold sufficient funds to cover prize fund
      • Penalty for non-payment is disqualification or other sanction as required, however the score will count for handicap purposes.


3.     Format of Competition


The format of each Competition is on the schedule of events for the year.  The Committee requests that a player enters her name, competition, handicap and date on the card.

The format for each competition is decided by the Games Committee and is posted on the fixture listing.  In the event that the format has to be changed this should be notified if possible in advance to all members.

18hole qualifying competitions, Henley Keane Medal and Majors will all count for Golfer of the Year Points.

The Conditions of all Club Match Play Competitions will be displayed separately on the board.  

4.     Eligibility to Play:


Weekly Competitions:

All members of the Ladies Club with a valid CONGU handicap are eligible to compete.

Monthly Medal:

All members of the Ladies Club with a valid CONGU handicap are eligible to compete.

Major Competitions:

All members of the Ladies Club with a valid CONGU handicap are eligible to compete in the Lady Captain’s Day & Lady President’s Day – prizes covered under Prize Structure


5.     Handicap Stroke Allowance


Recommendations of CONGU

Singles – Full handicap allowance

Fourball – Each partner receives 90% of full handicap

Foursomes – half the aggregate handicap of the partners

Henley Keane Club Matchplay --- Full handicap allowance

In all handicap stoke calculations, a fraction of one half or more counts as full stokes; any other fractions are disregarded.

In a competition such as 24 hole, 36 hole or 72 hole played on the same day the handicap of the player applying at the beginning of the competition shall apply throughout the duration of the competition.


6.     Times of Starting & Groups


Players must start at the time arranged by Committee i.e. the time entered on BRS.


7.     Starting places


Alternate starting points are not permitted unless specified by Committee.  All 9 and 18 hole competitions unless otherwise specified by Games must start on the first hole.  Players starting on holes other than those specified by Committee will be disqualified.


8.     Teeing Grounds


Ladies will play off the red tees at all times unless otherwise authorised by the Committee.


9.     Number of Competitors for Prize purposes


Prizes will be awarded where 4 or more competitors enter WEEKLY competition.

Prizes will be awarded where 6 or more competitors enter MONTHLY MEDAL.




10.           Prize Structure



4-9 players – 1st prize only

9-15 players – 1st & 2nd Prize

15 players plus – 3rd Prize



6-9 Players - 1st prize only

9-15 Players – 1st & 2nd Prize or 1st & Best Gross

15 + Players – 1st 2nd & Best Gross



Major Competitions

To be eligible to win a Major, Lady Captain’s & Lady President’s prize, a full member must be of at least one year’s standing and have returned completed cards in at least three (3) 18Hole Qualifying Competitions in the Club, in the current year prior to the commencement of each Competition.



11.           Decisions of Ties and Halved Matches


Stoke Play

In an 18hole competition, ties shall be decided by matching cards.  The winner is determined on the basis of the best score on the last 9 holes, last 6 holes, last 3 holes and finally last hole.  If still a tie decided on the last 3 holes, i.e. Holes 7, 8 and 9 of the first 9.  If still a tie decide by lot.

In individual stoke play competitions handicaps are deduced in proportion:

Last 9 half handicap

Last 6 one third handicap

Last 3 one sixth handicap



Match Play:

A match that ends all square should be played off hole by hole until one side wins a hole.  The play-off should start on the hole where the match began.  In a handicap match, handicap strokes should be allowed as in the stipulated round.

12.           Suspension of Play


The Games Committee, Club Committee, Club Professional, Green Keeper have the authority to suspend play.  In the event that members of the Games Committee are not available any officer of the Ladies Committee may suspend play.

If play is suspended due to a dangerous situation (eg lightening) play must be discontinued immediately.  The signal for suspending play due to a dangerous situation will be a prolonged note of the siren.

Discontinue play immediately: one prolonged note of the siren

Discontinue play: three consecutive notes of the siren, repeated

Resume play: two short notes of siren, repeated.


13.           Transportation


If the Committee requires players to walk in a competition then the following condition is recommended:

“Players must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorised by Committee.” The penalty for breach of this condition is outlines in Appendix 1 (Part C-8 of the Rules of Golf)

Motorised golf buggies may only be used with the permission of the Games Committee and provided the player is in possession of a current medical certificate of disability

14.           Golfer of the Year Points


Henley Keane: 3 points for each round, 4 points for semi-final win,

    6 points for Final

Majors: 1st Place – 15pts, 2nd place – 10pts, Gross 10pts, 3rd – 7pts

Monthly Medal: 1st Place – 10pts, 2nd place 7pts, BG /3rd 7pts

18 hole C+ompetition: 1st Place – 6pts, 2nd Place 4pts, and 3rd Place 2pts



15.           Birdie Tree


Birdies will only count for the Birdie Tree from all 18hole Ladies Competitions from Dust off Day and 9hole qualifying competitions.

The Golf software will record the Birdie Tree.

 Entry is €5 and must be paid in advance of birdies being recorded.